What Is The Atkins Diet?

What is the Atkins diet? You will be forbidden to eat most carbs which includes breads, rice, pasta, sugar and almost anything else that is white. At least in the first Induction phase which lasts about two weeks.

The basic concept behind Atkins plan is easy. Your body needs both carbohydrates and fat to obtain energy. Your body for energy will use carbohydrates before fat. So the idea is to cut out carbs from your diet plan and your body will burn more fat so you will lose weight.

The Atkins diet allows for eating unrestricted amounts of protein and some foods containing carbohydrates. This would mean you could eat foods like meat, fish, fowl, butter Mayo, tuna, eggs, cheese and more.

This low carb diet plan menu will help you to reduce your carbohydrate intake, thus encouraging an automatic switchover (chemical change) in which stored fat becomes your primary fuel.

Carbohydrates have a very short storage time in the body - about 2,000 calories - which means that in two days, your body is looking for more fuel.

Atkins plan excludes foods such as bread, pasta, fruit, and sugar. It doesn’t mean that you should gorge yourself on fatty foods. You should eat "liberally" foods such as butter, meat, cheese and eggs.

It’s suggested by Atkins Nutritional Approach that intake of saturated fats should be limited to 20% of total calories. However it's hard to stick to a diet that restricts such a big chunk of the food pyramid. Nutritionists and medical professionals are still unconvinced.

Since the Akins diet made headlines in the late '90s, there has been different versions of low carbohydrate and traditionally high carbohydrate products such as bread, pasta and even candy.

What Is The Atkins Diet For Celebrities?

Again, Why So Popular?

Atkins low-carb diet (also called the Atkins Nutritional Approach) has been around for years and is one of the most popular diets in history. Robert Atkins developed it from a new Nutritional Approach he studied in the '60's and believed that the main cause of obesity is eating refined carbohydrates, particularly sugar, flour, and high-fructose corn syrup. These factors in eating habits leaded people to obesity.

Now, millions of Americans have restricted their intake of carbohydrates following Dr Atkins low-carb diets teachings and free Atkins diet menu:

  • drastically reduce the amount of carbohydrate intake,

  • discourage foods such as bread, pasta, fruit, and sugar,

  • emphasize protein and fat intake (meat, cheese, and eggs),

  • include saturated fat in addition to leaf vegetables and dietary supplements.

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