Vitamin Supplement For Atkins Diet

Do I need vitamin supplement for Atkins diet?

The foods you will be eating are tasty and nutrient-rich. But in starting people on Atkins program, Robert Atkins has found that their vitamin and mineral reserves are often so depleted from the way they were eating before that it frequently takes a week or two of vitamin supplement for Atkins diet supplementation to build them up again.

This is one of the many reasons that, after a few days on Induction phase, you’re likely to experience a burst of energy.

Why I feel tired, weak and lacking in energy?

Some critics of low-carbohydrate weight reduction have made the suggestion that Atkins Nutritional Approach is so restrictive of certain foods that Dr Atkins has no choice but to advise everyone who goes on it to take vitamin and mineral supplements.

There’s only a smidgen of truth in this; when you go down to a low level of vegetable consumption during Induction diet – the strictest phase of the program – you may be getting inadequate portions of certain nutrients. Atkins stress may, because if you choose nutrient-dense foods, it is easy to consume adequate amounts of most vitanutrients.

On this page is a sample daily menus to be followed by a person in the each phase of the Atkins diet.

Sample Daily Menu of 20 Grams of Carbohydrate for Induction


Three-egg omelet with avocado,

Mozzarella cheese and tomato,

Decaffeinated coffee with cream.


Beef topside (230 g/8 oz),

Spinach and mixed leaf salad with mushrooms, onions, celery and parmesan cheese.


Grilled salmon (250 g/9 oz),

Kale topped with garlic, lemon and sesame seeds.

This menu, as analyzed using the most widely accepted nutritional software program, “Nutritionist V,” provides the recommended daily intake of almost all vitamins and minerals.

But the real reason you’ll need vitamin supplement for Atkins diet is because of the way you’ve likely been eating for years, or because of the low-fat diet that you may be following even as you read this. If you have been on a low-fat diet, your need for supplementation may be profound.

You will have to play catch-up to make up for possible deficiencies of essential fatty acids, vitamin B12 and the fat-soluble vitamins A, D and E. several minerals are also in short supply on virtually all low-fat diets.

If you’ve been bingeing on junk food full of sugar and bleached flour, then you’ve been consuming anti-nutrients, and your nutritional needs are even greater. When you eat such foods you’re doing more than just depriving yourself of sufficient supplies of important vitamins and minerals. Metabolizing those empty refined foods uses up with little stores of nutrients remain.

Dr Robert Atkins:

”I am always surprised when I encounter anyone over 35 years of age who eats the typical American diet of refined carbohydrates and isn’t chronically tired.”

Chromium, zinc, manganese, magnesium, vitamin B6 and folic acid are among the nutrients that are used up faster than they can be replenished on such a diet. In fact, many Americans are deficient in chromium, a mineral needed to metabolize carbohydrate.

Another reason you need vita nutrients is to maximize your body’s ability to function optimally as a fat-burning unit.

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