New Atkins Diet Books

I love all new Atkins diet books. They are full of advice, success stories, recipes and menu plans. They are really very interesting and popular.

Top 4 New Atkins Diet Books

By Robert C. Atkins

(2004) Atkins for Life : The Complete Controlled Carb Program for Permanent Weight Loss

This Dr. Atkins latest book complements the previous "Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution" bestseller.

Customer Reviews

..125 recipes, menu plans, self tests, plenty of helpful hints on how to stop cheating.

...The book "Atkins for Life" is an excellent resource book. It is filled with practical advice and tips on how to make your low carbohydrate weight loss a permanent success. I like this Atkins diet book!

....Excellent resource for weight maintenance the Atkins way!

.....This book is a superior elaboration on Dr. Atkins' earlier diet books, and is well worth owning and reading.

......Whether you've lost weight doing Atkins and want to make your success permanent or you're new to Atkins and are concerned about your health and weight control, Atkins for Life is for you.

(2001) Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution, Revised Edition

This is the new edition of Dr. Atkins original book. It includes excellent explanations of the science behind the diet, discussion of supplements, exercise, and other nutritional issues. Includes some recipes and some carb counts.

Note that there are at least three different covers with the same material inside!

Customer Reviews

..100 recipes, virtually all new. Menus for all three weight-loss phases and the weight-maintenance phase. Seven new chapters!

...A new carb gram counter that incorporates the latest nutritional data Dozens of tips to make doing Atkins easier-at home and elsewhere.

....Advice on shopping and setting up an Atkins kitchen.

.....Exercise programs for all levels of fitness.

......I lost 22 lbs in only 5 weeks on this diet and I have kept it off, even though I am not as strict as I should be.

.......I lost a staggering 147 pounds on it, with ease I might add, while improving my lipid profiles dramatically. All that in about 18 months time, without exercise, all the while eating luxuriously. Without hunger, without cravings, without my nose falling off.

(2000) Dr. Atkins' Age-Defying Diet

Customer Reviews

..You need this new Atkins diet book!

...This is the best book on the subject since the bestselling classic, Life Extension, from the late '70's.

.....Those of you who suffer from unstable blood sugar, and ailments that stem from it must read this book.

......I must say that anyone, who has tried this diet and failed, did so because thay didn't follow it correctly.

.......For someone who was brought up believing that the way to dietary health and happiness was to avoid red meat, eggs, butter and saturated fats, and to load up on complex carbohydrates and use margarine, Dr. Atkins' ideas are indeed a revolution.

(1999) Dr. Atkins' Vita-Nutrient Solution: Nature's Answer to Drugs

Dr. Robert Atkins presents the scientific basis for the use of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs, and hormones in the treatment and prevention of many of the chronic illnesses that plague us today.

Customer Reviews

..This outstanding book solved what numerous doctors, clinics, university hospitals could not do in 20 years.

...Now Atkins gives us something even better: a well- documented, easy-to-use guide to using vitamins, minerals and other nutrients as the "treatment of choice" to overcome numerous conditions without the side-effects of drugs.

....This book surpasses all the books I own on herbs and vitamins.

.....This information on nutrition, like in all of Dr. Atkins' books, is well researched and well written.

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