Low Carb Cookbooks List
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Top 6 most popular low carb cookbooks with customer reviews. Choose your low carb cookbook from this list and read recommendations.

Dr. Atkins' Quick & Easy New Diet Cookbook: Companion to Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution

by Robert C. Atkins and Veronica Atkins (2004)

Customer Reviews

..I have enjoyed every recipe I have tried and have found them to be tasty as well as fairly easy to make.

...Try the meat-izza for a Friday night, or the crustless cheesecake. Tasty.

...All the recipes I've tried were truly, as the title indicates, "Quick and Easy".

Dr. Atkins' New Diet Cookbook

by Dr. Robert Atkins and Fran Gare (1994)

Customer Reviews

..The receipes in this low carb cookbook are good.

...We noticed that THIS book includes a section that describes the diet, so we bought THIS book over the other. This gave us BOTH the diet, and the cookbook simultaneously. It has been worth 100 times what it cost.

....Cookbook contains over 200 of the most asked for recipes at the Atkins Center.

.....From Gazpacho and Steak Au Poivre to Creamy Mushroom Soup and Crunchy Seafood Salad, the variety of choices is immense, and dieters never feel deprived as the pounds melt away.

......More elegant and detailed recipes that those found in the "Quick and Easy" version above. Both are great resources.

Atkins for Life Low-Carb Cookbook: More than 250 Recipes for Every Occasion

by Veronica Atkins, Stephanie Nathanson, Robert C. Atkins and Atkins Health & Medical Information Services (2004)

Customer Reviews

..250+ recipes and menus, including party and holiday menus, "Speedy Weeknight Suppers", "Cooking for One" and "Brown Bag Lunches. Each labled as to the appropriateness for different phases of the Atkins plan.

...A wonderful tribute to Dr. Atkins' philosophy and a MUST for low carb diners.

....The book includes 100s of tips for low-carb dieting, and each recipe includes detailed nutritional statistics. The recipes are divided into sections for 30-minute meals, tight budgets, bag lunches, snack, and desserts.

The Illustrated Atkins New Diet Cookbook: Over 200 Mouthwatering Recipes to Help You Follow the International Number One Weight-loss Programme

by Dr. Robert C. Atkins MD (2004)

Customer Reviews

..Excellent recipes especially suitable for wheat free diet.

...Finished dishes look appealing and can easily be used when entertaining without people feeling they are being subjected to " diet food".

....From fudge brownies to Chicken Tikka, there are plenty of ideas to reinvigorate dinner time with the substitution of flour and sugar with soy flour and sweetener.

500 Low-Carb Recipes: 500 Recipes from Snacks to Dessert, That the Whole Family Will Love

by Dana Carpender (2002)

Customer Reviews

..Not only does it offer 500, yes, 500 recipes that are easy, fabulous and low carb, but the introduction and ingredient chapters were SPECTACULAR!

...I have a bunch of low-carb cookbooks and will continue to buy more! But, this book is by far the best that I have tried so far.

....I look forward to trying more of her recipes. Because of her suggestions, I finally tried spaghetti squash and love it!!! The tips in the book are also very helpful (now I can really make great omelets!).

1001 Low-Carb Recipes: Hundreds of Delicious Recipes from Dinner to Dessert That Let You Live Your Low-Carb Lifestyle and Never Look Back

by Dana Carpender (2010)

Customer Reviews

..As I am the primary cook in my family, I have plenty of options for every one (including for those who aren't on carb restrictions).

...If you are new to Dana's recipes, you'll be thrilled to get 1001 of them.

....From Warm Brie with Sticky Nuts; Sunflower Parmesan Crackers; Italian Sausage Soup; and Fried Brussels Sprouts; to Slow Cooker Chicken Guadeloupe; Maple-Glazed Corned Beef with Vegetables; Cranberry Barbecue Sauce; and Cocoa-Peanut Logs, "1001 Low Carb Cookbooks Recipes: Hundreds of Delicious Recipes from Dinner to Dessert That Let You Live Your Low-Carb Lifestyle and Never Look Back".

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