Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution Book

In his book Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution, Atkins made the controversial argument that the low-carbohydrate diet produces a metabolic advantage because

"burning fat takes more calories so you expend more calories."

Atkins states in his Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution book (2002) that hunger is the number one reason why low-fat diets fail and that the Atkins diet is easier because you are allowed to eat as much as you want.

Customer Reviews

..There is nothing strange, dangerous, "fad" or even boring about this diet if you follow a few supersimple guidelines.

...My skin is looking healthier. My cholesterol has dropped. My teeth and gums appear to be healthier.

....In fact, you need to read THREE books to really get the complete Atkins diet, this one, Dr. Atkins Age Defying Diet, and Dr. Atkins Vitamin book.

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Dr Atkins Diet Revolution book

Dr Robert Atkins first book came to public attention in 1972 with the publication of Dr. Atkins Diet Revolution.

It quickly became a bestseller and remained popular. Sold more than 15 million copies worldwide and was the number one-selling diet and health book in the U.S. for nearly five years.

Customer Reviews

..The diet worked in 1970 and it still works today. It's not so much a "diet" as it is a permanent change in eating habits. It's not difficult nor expensive, it's healthy, and it's effective!

...It's a lot better than the new variations.

....I'm so grateful I found this version online for a great price and I would definitely recommend this version (1972) over the newer ones if you're looking for results.

I offer you this link where you can buy this book if you like, because many people said me that have been looking for this book for a while.

Atkins Diabetes Revolution book

Atkins Diabetes Revolution LP : The Groundbreaking Approach to Preventing and Controlling Type 2 Diabetes

by Mary Vernon, MD and Jacqueline Ebersten, RN.

"Based on the Medical Practice of Robert Atkins, MD"

Atkins Diabetes Revolution book applies the principles of the new Atkins diet books to the prevention and treatment of diabetes, with emphasis on controlling blood glucose. Includes information on food supplements.

Customer Reviews

..Atkins believes that the blood-sugar levels should be checked repeatedly after a meal, not just once after 8-12 hours.

...However, it fails to live up to that potential. Maybe that's because Dr. Atkins wasn't able to finish the book himself, due to his untimely death in April 2003.

....When you look at the progression of diabetes in our society today and its exponential growth this book should be required reading in our high schools.

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