What Is Atkins Diet For Me?

In this issue...

All about my Atkins diet results and success!

Hello! My name is Kristine.

Before a year my life was different. Debility, fatigue, bad mood. Weight 79kg. (173.8Lbs.)!!

Here You can see me then and after Atkins.

My-picture-before-Atkins My-picture-after-Atkins

I was only 19 and I decided to change my life! I was tired from my weight, and I wanted to drop out my big clothes! I dreamed about small, beautiful dress, swimsuit, trousers.

I bought and read much diet books, tried different diets. Felt hunger all the time.

Yes, I know this feeling.

All kilograms what I lost came back to me double! But I did not gave up! You should not to!

I looked for a healthy diet that works. And I found the Atkins diet. Trusted and tried. Started completely different eating habits which are based on Atkins Nutritional Approach. You know, it worked! My Atkins diet results was wonderful! Finally!

Now one year has passed and my weight is 57kg. (125.4Lbs.), I feel wonderful!

My menu excludes only refined carbohydrates.

For example my breakfast is – Southwestern omelet with tomato, avocado and ham.

Lunch - vegetable soup and crab salad over mixed greens.

Do I feel hunger? No, really no!

My life now is completely different. I live with joy, energy, and what is more important – with many new beautiful dresses! Do You want to live the same? Do You want to try?

So, why I made this Website?

Because with this Atkins diet Website I want to help You! I want to show this low carbohydrate weight loss program. If You want to do a healthy weight loss in a way like Dr. Robert Atkins shows in his books then You are in the right place.

Can You do it? I can guarantee – Yes, You can!

Live with this motto – I will not be overweight any more! – and You will success!

My promise to You?

We will change Your menu and eating habits together. It is easy.

I will over deliver you with much free information and advises, recipes, food lists, ready for you menu plans and easy carbohydrate counter.

We will make Your own Atkins diet program, will see different success stories, other people Atkins diet results and recommendations, discus opinions and mistakes, achievements and failures and I will be here to help You!

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See you next month!



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