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Atkins Diet Lovers, Issue #013 -- All About Atkins Diet
February 17, 2013

Healthy lifestyle plus an ideal weight – this is possible! Quick and easy with the Atkins diet!!

In this issue...

  • Fast Food List For Atkins Diet
  • Atkins Bread Recipe

Fast Food List For Atkins Diet

There is no need to avoid those fast food list for Atkins diet joints that dot the roadside – so long as you know your way around the menu. Here is a quick Atkins diet fast food road map:

Salad Bars

Sandwich Shops

Burger Chains

Fried Chicken Joints

Pizza Parlor

Avoid At All Costs 3 places! Do you want to know which?

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Atkins Bread Recipe

..I have read a ton of reviews on the Atkins Bread Recipes with All Purpose Bake mix...although as of today all I have made with it are pancakes I gotta say, it's good!

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Category: Phase Two, Three, Four

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