Atkins Induction Nutritional Supplements

The more I learn about Atkins Induction nutritional supplements, the more I discover nutritional components that can help nearly everyone.

With the increasing depletion of nutrients in our soil, there is simply no way we can ensure that we get all we require from food. In fact, Atkins considers individualized prescription of vita nutrients programs to be one of the two pillars of nutritional medicine. For the overweight, this program, of course, is the other pillar.

“Actually, controlling carbohydrate intake is the key to good health in general, even if you do not have a weight problem.Dr Robert Atkins.

The operative word is individualized, for each person requires a different roster of vita nutrients, depending upon his or her individual health profile.

Vita nutrients can help you in many ways to overcome health problems. If you ever need information on how nutrients can solve health problems better than drugs do, you’ll find it in Dr. Atkins’ Vita Nutrient Solution book.

In this page, however, all I want to do is provide adequate nutritional support for Induction. When you opt to become a lifetime Atkins follower, you will have to familiarize yourself with more details. But for now, these are the nutritional supplements you should be taking during Induction phase:

  • A broad multiple vitamin and mineral supplement that contains considerably more than the recommended daily intake (RDI) of B complex factors and vitamin C, and that also contains at least thirty other different nutrients (and no iron).
  • Ideally, chromium picolinate or polynicotinate (between 200 and 600 mcg) should be included.

  • Essential fatty acids (EFA). EFA-deficiency may be the most prevalent dietary shortage in our culture, thanks to the misguided obsession with avoiding dietary fat and the over consumption of trans fats instead of healthy natural fats. An EFA supplement should include gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) – primarily found in primrose or borage oil – and omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil or flaxseed oil.
  • You can, of course, also eat salmon and other cold-water fish.

  • If you have sugar cravings, you should also take 500 mg of L-glutamine (one or two tablets) before each meal. L-glutamine has been shown to curb alcohol addiction as well. If you previously ate lots of carbohydrates, this will help to ease the transition to low-carb eating.

You should also be supplementing with one or another form of fibre, usually wheat bran or psyllium husks, to prevent constipation.

Supplementing With Fibre

Fibre-rich foods include vegetables, nuts and seeds, fruits, beans and whole unrefined grains. During Atkins Induction phase, your primary source of fibre will be vegetables. In later phases you will be introducing the other sources of fibre in the order aforementioned.

In Dr. Atkins’ Vita Nutrient Solution book, Atkins supply the breakdown of all the Atkins supplements formulas, the exact quantities of nutrients and greater detail on what these important substances can do for you.

Learn About Vitanutrients!

While controlling your intake of carbohydrate gives you a metabolic edge, similarly, the targeted use of nutritional supplements arm you with another kind of edge. Learn about them and how to use them properly. When you do, you will enjoy a double health advantage.

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