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The most popular Atkins diet products are Advantage bars, Atkins shakes and snacks. You can buy them online or in some local stores. Now let’s see what I recommend when you have decided to get the bars, shakes and other Atkins goodies.

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Grocery Stores

You need to lose some pounds and your pantry and freezer are full of Atkins appropriate food. But where you can buy Atkins products (bars, shakes, books), as you do NOT want to order them online? Where to go? To Supermarket, grocery store, drug store?

Yes, some regular grocery stores, CVS, supermarkets or vitamin stores may have Atkins products! For example, Vitimin Shoppe, GNC, your local WalMart store.

They do have Atkins products, but you should again verify that they have them in stock before you spend a bunch of time driving around.

Atkins Products are very, very pricey, though.

Advantage bar at the supermarket costs $2.79 and you won’t find too many deals on this product. You can buy the Protein Plus Bar for $1.95 but the taste isn’t as good and it won’t work for you if you want a low carbohydrate product.

Advantage bar at the Amazon site costs $2.49 or in a bulk package of 12 bars which comes to $2.20 or $2.34 a bar, not much of a savings.

But, you can look at this -

Atkins Advantage Bars, pack of 30, comes $1.09 a bar!!

You can try search for “Vitamin and Food Supplements” or “Atkins Advantage Bars” or “Atkins Product Store” in search box.

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