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1. How length is each phase of Atkins diet?

The length of Dr Atkins diet plan phases depend mainly on how overweight You are and how You respond to the diet. In his books, Atkins emphasizes the importance of each level, however, on the Atkins Website he says:

„Beginning with Induction is your choice - you can begin Atkins at any of the four phases. However, Induction will jump-start your weight loss as you cut back significantly on carb consumption.”

2. Why do we need to limit carbohydrates?

Because eating too many carbohydrates can cause an overproduction of insulin, which in turn leads to increased hunger, more frequent eating and resulting weight gain.

3. Can I exercise in Atkins low carb diet plan?

Exercise in all phases as part of a healthy lifestyle is now emphasized more than when the Atkins diet plan was first introduced.

4. Is the Atkins Nutritional Approach effective for weight loss because calories are restricted?

While some people who follow the Atkins diet may eat fewer calories than before, it certainly is not because the program limits calorie intake. People doing Atkins may end up eating fewer calories because they are generally less hungry and no longer obsessed with food.

5. Do men have an advantage doing Atkins?

Yes, they do. Unfortunately, weight loss is not an equal opportunity activity. Gender and age play a role.

There are at least three reasons that most men – particularly young men – tend to lose more easily than women – particularly older women.

  • Men generally have greater muscle mass than women so they burn more calories than women do.

  • A woman’s body is much more subject to hormonal fluctuations, which can play havoc with your blood-sugar and insulin response.

  • Estrogen suppresses thyroid function, which in turn slows your metabolism, making it more difficult to lose weight.

6. Atkins Pre-Maintenance phase - Why my weight varies by a few pound every day?

It’s natural for your weight to vary from day to day, which is why Atkins recommends you do not weight yourself every day. But from week to week, you should be seeing a difference in the way your clothes fit.

7. Atkins Pre-Maintenance phase - Is there any other way to determine when to stop increasing my weekly carb intake?

For some people, adding 10 additional grams of carbs each week to their daily menu may be too much. Try dropping back to 5-gram increments.

Ask Your Question and I will answer it in this Atkins diet plans page!

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