Atkins Diet Plan

Now there is a free Atkins diet plan that will help you in losing weight with a promise of never being hungry. Sounds impossible, right? No, it is not because of a new diet revolution called the Atkins diet. Also known as Atkins and Atkins Nutritional Approach.

Atkins diet plan, even though has many success stories for losing weight is primarily for preventing disease, good health and maintaining weight.

Robert Atkins developed this low carbohydrate diet to get control of his own weight problem. Realizing the benefits of the diet, both for him and patients, he wrote many books who discuss his concepts and ideas. Started with Dr. Atkins' Diet Revolution in 1972.

Atkins low carb diet plan allows you to eat foods that many dieters have only dreamed about. The diet is said to work even if other diets have left you feel depressed and deprived.

Atkins diet phases:

Please read about them carefully and understand all the information before start this dr Atkins diet plan. And remember, this is not a no-carbohydrate diet.


Ongoing Weight Loss (OWL)


Lifetime Maintenance

What about carbohydrates in all four
Atkins diet phases?

Each phase becomes progressively less restrictive and gradually increases carbohydrates allowed. Consuming a high level of carbohydrates causes overproduction of insulin, leading to increased hunger and weight gain.


  • Add more carbs, focusing on nutrient-dense ones, and avoid refined grains and sugars.

  • Change your metabolism and lose weight easily simply.

  • Eat foods high in protein and fat.

  • Limit foods high in carbohydrate.

Important notes!

  • Use supplements.

  • NO fruits and only a few leafy green vegetables during the first two weeks.

  • You're not counting calories (in fact, you may be eating more calories than you were before).

  • You do not return to eating refined sugar (by the teaspoonful or in desserts), milk, white rice, white bread, white potatoes or pasta made with the dreaded white flour. Those remain on a lifelong list of forbidden pleasures.

Eat! Yes, so simple.

The first Induction phase is probably the hardest stage for dieters to get through. For the first two weeks carbohydrates are limited to only 20 grams per day, while proteins and fats are encouraged. It is almost unlimited supply of meat, poultry, fish, eggs and cheese. Your goal is to kick start the metabolism by eating high protein and fatty foods while limiting carbohydrates (milk, fruit, cereals, breads and vegetables with a high glycemic index).

As you progress through the phases you add 5 grams of carbohydrates at a time to your daily total until you hit your personal ceiling. Depending on your metabolism this could be between 60-90 grams of carbohydrates daily. This compares with the average of 250 grams that most people eat each day.

Things You'll Need in the Atkins plan

  • Information, Atkins diet books

  • Many low carb foods, recipes and water

  • Motivation

Healthy, strong and fit body - this is Our goal!

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Atkins Diet Plan:


Ongoing Weight Loss


Lifetime Maintenance

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