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The Atkins diet will be a lifestyle change, so the Atkins diet menu planning is essential to help you create meals within the range of allowable carbohydrates.

With Dr Atkins diet meal plan you will reduce and successfully maintain a healthy weight.

It's important to your success to create a right Dr Atkins diet meal plan specific to your Atkins diet phase.

Your meals will be built around protein, healthy fats and nutrient-dense carbohydrates, primarily in the form of vegetables.

Now let’s see how most main dishes fit easily into Atkins diet Dr program menus, with small modifications or Food Substitutions:

Instead of:

  • Refined flour choose Equal parts soya flour and finely ground nuts

  • Milk choose Single cream or whipping cream mixed with water

  • Margarine choose Butter or ghee

  • Peanut butter choose Sugar-free peanut butter

  • Corn oil choose Olive, safflower or peanut oil (cold-pressed)

  • Low-fat yogurt choose Soured cream

  • Sliced white bread choose Unrefined whole meal bread

  • Pasta choose Spaghetti squash or low-carb pasta

  • White rice choose Wild rice

  • Potatoes choose Cauliflower

  • Yellow onions choose Spring onions or leeks

  • Cornstarch choose Potato starch

  • Red salsa choose Green salsa

  • Peaches (for cooking) choose Rhubarb

  • Bananas (for smoothies) choose Silken tofu

  • Crisps choose Salted popped soya nuts or soya chips, pumpkin seeds

  • Black or kidney beans choose Black soya beans (canned)

  • Bottled lemon juice choose a splash of bottled juice mixed with a packet of sugar substitute and some ice water

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Atkins 1 Week Induction Menu

Create An Induction Menu

As you approach your goal weight, your menu will expand. In the fourth phase of the Atkins diet, Lifetime Maintenance, you will be able to eat most foods – with the exception of refined sugar, white flour and hydrogenated oils.

I think we CAN live without them!

Atkins Diet Food Pyramid

The Atkins Diet In Restaurants

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