How Can You Create Your
Atkins Diet Menu Plan?

It will be easy to create your Atkins diet menu plan if you know some simple things to follow..

First, Things You'll Need:

And now, let’s start!

1. Determine your total allowable carbohydrate amount! It depends of which phase you are on. If you are unsure consult your Atkins book or the Atkins website for help.

2. You need a healthy balance of protein, carbohydrates, fiber and fats! Research lower and good carbohydrate foods and recipes so you don't tire of your food options.

3. Compile a list of foods and recipes that fits your Atkins menu! Calculate the total carbohydrates per servings. Use the Atkins calculation (carbohydrate grams minus fiber grams) or your Atkins book if you need further assistance in calculating total carbohydrate amounts.

4. Make your one-day menu for Atkins diet!

  • Take a sheet of paper.

  • On the top of paper write your total carbohydrate amount.

  • Then leave a space between meals, and write:
  • Breakfast -

    Lunch -

    Dinner -

    Snack -

  • After that begin to write in the different foods you plan eat at each meal with the total carbohydrate amount. For help you can use search for low carb meals or Atkins free tools to compile recipes and create Atkins diet menus that calculate daily nutrition values for you.

5. Try this menu for one day! Write down all changes you make.

6. Calculate the carbohydrate amount per day and ensure you are sticking to your plan. If you are over, determine how you can reduce your carbohydrates. You might be able to reduce portion sizes, swap ingredients in a recipe for more Atkins-friendly alternatives or even reduce beverages that have carbohydrates and replace it by drinking water.

7. Ensure you are getting enough to eat everyday by planning three meals and two snacks per day.

Here are some pointers for success with your
dr Atkins diet menu making:

  • Remember to include low carbohydrate vegetables in your plan.

  • Take a multi-vitamin.

  • Make salad dressings at home! They will be tastier, sugar-free and contain all natural ingredients.

  • Butter and cream sauces should be occasional treats, not a daily part of your dr Atkins diet menu.

  • Add variety to your Atkins diet menu plan through condiments, spices and new recipes.

  • Shop in your local health food store not supermarket. There you will find sugar- and wheat- free baked goods and other low-carb products.

  • Read labels carefully! Most ketchups, barbecue sauces and other tomato-based sauces contain sugar or corn syrup and are high in carbohydrates.

Good luck! See this Atkins Diet Induction Menu For One-Week! It is a great free present for you!

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