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If you still can't decide from all Atkins diet information is the diet good or bad, I will show you some useful and free tips to help you decide.

About how the diet works and what you should do:

  • drastically reduce the amount of carbohydrate intake,

  • discourage foods such as bread, pasta, fruit, and sugar,

  • emphasize protein and fat intake (meat, cheese, and eggs),

  • include saturated fat in addition to leaf vegetables and dietary supplements.

Your menu will be from a high-protein, high-fat, very low-carbohydrate meals. For example you can eat Roast Leg of Lamb, Cheddar Chicken Roll-ups, Italian Meatballs in Tomato Sauce, Beef Vegetable Soup and so on.

These all are rich meat, cheese, and egg foods and they are allowed!

You can’t eat foods such as bread, pasta, fruit, and sugar. Carbohydrates only make you hungrier.

This low-carbohydrate menu causes strong but temporary diuretic effect. Long-term weight loss occurs because with a low amount of carbohydrate intake, the body burns stored fat for energy. It also stimulates the secretion of a fat mobilizing hormone that encourages the breakdown of fat.

Calories are not counted! Instead, the dieter tests the urine with special paper strips which turn mauve-purple in the presence of ketones. Ketones are breakdown products of fat and indicate that it is being burnt off.

What is lipolysis and ketosis?

How do I know when I am in ketosis?

Preparations - The evaluation should include blood tests to determine levels of cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose, insulin, and uric acid. A glucose tolerance test also is recommended.

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What Is The Atkins Diet?

Why So Popular?

Atkins made this large "low-carb craze" to resolve his own overweight problem and later popularized it in a series of books. First book was Dr. Atkins' Diet Revolution in 1972. In his second book, Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution, he modified diet and changed parts of it.

Which Atkins Diet Books Do I Need?

Low Carb Cookbooks List for Atkins diet

The New Atkins Book

Atkins diet information have made a real impact on the diet culture. Dr Robert Atkins caused an explosion of low carb diets popularity in the nineties to early 2000.

Now Atkins plan are:

Followed by millions

Recognized as a Healthy balance

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