Atkins Diet Free Plan
(Before You Begin)

Atkins Diet Free Plan is the main information you need to be successful before you begin Atkins. Read all about Atkins diet plan and do some main things before begin! Why? I will explain later..

You don’t need any advanced preparation to go on the Atkins new diet. However, before begin losing weight there are two important steps. These steps helped me in weight gain.

Don’t do Atkins diet plan weight loss if you have kidney disease (creatine over 2.4). Also, do only Lifetime Maintenance phase if you are pregnant women or nursing mother.

1. As with most diets, it is generally considered appropriate to consult with a physician and to have a physical evaluation before you start. Include some blood work and other tests (lipid levels, glucose-tolerance test, uric acid levels, blood pressure, thyroid function, if necessary – the blood-sugar test). It is important from a health perspective and to help motivate you to follow the program faithfully.

After six weeks or so ding Atkins low carb diet you will see a dramatic improvements in all tests.

2. Stop taking any unnecessary medications (hormones, anti-depressant drugs, cough syrup and drops, antacids, sleep aids, antihistamines or laxatives). See some help about this in ‘Dr. Atkins' Vita-Nutrient Solution: Nature's Answer to Drugs’ book. There you can see how your medicine can affect your weight loss results.

Take your measurements!

Before Atkins diet free plan measure your chest, waist, hips, upper arms and thighs. Write down all numbers correctly. After a couple of weeks (not days) write down your new measurements. You will be happy to see the success you made!

Fill out the blood-sugar symptom test!

You will find it in ‘Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution’ book. It is a great way to quantify how much better you’ll soon be feeling.

Create your exercise plan!

For better results Atkins suggests to do some exercises. You can start with a half hour of exercise four times a week. Atkins low carb diet online will help you!

Plan ahead your free Atkins diet plan menu!

It's very important when starting out on a new way of eating to plan your food ahead of time. Plan at least a week's worth of menus. Stock the refrigerator and cupboards with acceptable foods and plenty of your favorite protein goodies for Induction. Then you won't be caught wondering what to eat.

Get rid of all unacceptable foods!

Give away all your forbidden foods and beverages to your friends, family, food bank. For you, these foods no longer exist!

You need –

  • Vitamin supplement for Atkins diet (Nutritional Supplements),
  • Dr Atkins says:

    „Supplement your meals with the recommended vita-nutrients in my book. It's part of the program, and if you're not doing that, you're not on the program - just some hybridization of it.”

  • Lipolysis testing strips,
  • Wide variety of low-carb foods from your local health food store, drugstore, supermarket.

Get support and understanding!

Don’t give up! The first few days are most important ones! Show your family that you take this free Atkins diet plan seriously. For you right now weight loss is your destiny!

Motivate yourself!

Be ready for a great weight loss results! Have your exercise plan in place!

You Can Start Atkins Diet Free Plan NOW with Phase 1 - Induction!

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