Atkins Diet Foods To Eat In Restaurants

Atkins diet foods to eat in restaurants can be a bit tricky because you do not always know what is in that great tasting gravy or sauce, but most eating establishments now offer designated low carb choices for the Atkins diet. If in doubt, order your Atkins diet foods to eat without sauces and other add-ons that may have hidden carbs.

When you find a restaurant that serves a good selection of Atkins diet low carb foods that you enjoy, be sure to give the manager or owner positive feedback and make that establishment a primary choice whenever you want to dine out.

Here's how to negotiate your way through restaurant menus so that you can still enjoy great Atkins diet foods to eat without breaking your regime of the Atkins diet Dr plan.


Avoid the French fries, and instead opt for a nice steak (beef or lamb) with lashings of garlic and herb butter, green vegetables, such as French beans and spinach, and ask for a grilled tomato and mushrooms on the side. Be careful of French sauces, as they are often made from a roux that includes flour as a thickener.

You are usually safe with Hollandaise sauce – butter flavored with lemon and thickened with eggs. Béarnaise is similar, but includes fresh tarragon leaves; delicious with a Charterhouse steak for two. Select aged French cheeses for dessert, plus a handful of grapes (naughty but nice). Champagne is the ultimate low-carb drink – enjoy!


Forget the pasta, pizza, ciabatta and focaccia. Luckily, good Italian restaurants offer delicacies such as grilled fish, scampi, squid and a good range of salads – including rocket and Parmesan. Even national pizza chains offer an excellent salad bar, and often have a chicken wings on the menu.

Chicken Caesar salad can be a staple, since you ditch the croûtons (although, despite its Roman name, it is not really Italian). As a starter, try mozzarella, avocado and tomato drizzled with truffle-scented garlic oil. If you can guarantee the Italian ice cream is made from nothing but cream with whizzed-up raspberries or strawberries (no added sugar) this might be an option. If not, Italian cheeses are worth discovering.


Tapas is made for a low-carb diet. All those chorizo sausages, meatballs/mussels in tomato sauce and prawns in garlic butter. Avoid bread, rice and potatoes.


Avoid the dim sum and spring rolls. Thin soups are the best starter option, such as 'hot and sour'. Most main courses involving chicken, meat or fish plus vegetables in a thin sauce is OK, but avoid sweet and sour; ask that sauces are not thickened with flour/corn flour, if possible.

Choose mixed vegetables as a side dish – absolutely NO noodles or rice. 'Fraid you have to forgo the caramelized deep-fried banana as dessert, too. Have a nice big pot of jasmine tea instead.

Atkins Diet Food To Eat For Induction


For starters, avoid the onion bhajis (stuck together with flour), samosas and deep-fried selections. Most Indian main courses are fine. Absolutely no rice, naan, papadams, chapattis or parathas. Best to avoid desserts.


Miso soup to start with and, for the main course, sashimi is better than sushi, as there is no rice involved. Fresh raw fish is ideal for the low-carb way of eating. A few lychees as dessert (fresh, not tinned) are OK in the later phases of Atkins carbohydrate free diet.

Atkins diet foods to eat during Induction Diet

Atkins diet menu plan for Induction is divided into fourteen days. It has a list of preferred breakfast, lunch and dinner for each of the fourteen days. It is interesting to note that, like the initial days of any serious diet plan, this diet does not follow a strict „only fruits and boiled vegetables” principle. It has everything ranging from grilled steak, smoked salmons to gelatin desserts and Belgian waffles. Read more about Atkins diet foods to eat during Induction.

Guys, remember one thing, „what to” and „what not to” must be followed strictly if you do not want to upset the doc. Jokes apart, I would only suggest that if you wish to follow this diet, or in that case any diet, first be sure if you really want to do it and secondly, if you have decided to follow the Atkins diet foods to eat, then devote yourself to its rules. Do not look for shortcuts as nothing can be achieved through them.

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