Which Atkins Diet
Books Do I Need?

You need at least 3 Atkins diet books, preferably 5, for successfully weight loss!

1. Atkins Carb Counter

Dana Carpender's Carb Gram Counter: Usable Carbs, Protein, Fat, and Calories - Plus Tips on Eating Low-Carb!

Customer Reviews

..The best Carb Counter I've found yet!

...Well how many of you have a scale with you to weigh your potato when you eat out? I would rather see the size, like 3 inch long by 2 inch round. Awesome book!

....I keep this in my purse to check things quickly if I'm unsure of a carb count. She has few fast food joints in here, too which is very nice.

.....Includes Net Carb numbers.

Dr. Atkins' New Carbohydrate Gram Counter

by Dr. Robert C. Atkins MD (1997)

Customer Reviews

..I have steadily and comfortably reduced inches off my waist by using the "Dr. Atkins' New Carbohydrate Gram Counter" as a guide to food selection.

...This book will not teach you how to do the Atkins diet - for that, read Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution.

....Very small - but filled with almost every product you can think of - take it with me everywhere - just wish some things didn't have so many darn carbs!

2. Atkins Journal Package

Dr. Atkins' Journal Package

by Robert Atkins

Customer Reviews

..After I bought this book and started my daily diary, it was amazing. I saw the mistakes I was making and the weight started to just melt away.

...Would highly recommend that anyone starting the Atkins diet get this journal.

....I have a lot of Dr. Atkins' literature and highly recommend any of his books. He was and always will be the greatest physician in his field of low carb weight loss, always striving to find a way to make people healthier.

.....I have other weight loss journals, but find this one the most helpful.

3. Shopping Guide

The Atkins Shopping Guide: Indispensable Tips and Guidelines for Successfully Stocking Your Low-carb Kitchen

by Atkins Health & Medical Information Serv (2004)

Customer Reviews

..This book has all the information you need to purchase low carb foods for the Atkins way of eating.

...This book is the cat's meow!! It has saved me and even directed me to some healthier options.

....This guide had indeed been indispensable to us in obtaining the low-carb products that we need to change our life style and life long eating habits.

4. Cookbook

Top 6 most popular low carb cookbooks with customer reviews here

Why Do I Need Atkins Diet Low Carb Cookbook?

5. Atkins Diet Book

Yes, you need them too! But decide yourself which books you will use and which you will buy. It’s your choice! My job is only to explain and give you recommendations for each of them. Yes, only the best of them.

The New Atkins diet Book

Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution Book

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