Atkins Diet Basics

Now you know how to think, eat and motivate yourself while dieting. So why do you need Atkins Diet Basics? It will be like a small Atkins diet summary with all you need to BEGIN.

Your goal is set and you are ready for impressive weight loss?

Then it is time for the LAST step – Atkins Diet Basics. All what You can and can’t do in the Atkins diet!

  • Eat three meals a day!
  • Atkins diet program has been successful because it allows people to eat foods they usually deny themselves and still lose weight. This low-carb diet fact is like dream come true.

  • Eat until you feel pleasantly full, but do not gorge! ‘I could eat more, but I am satisfied.’
  • Don’t stuff yourself with steaks and cheeseburgers!
  • You can have a snack in an hour or two if you wish!
  • Do not skip meals. Eat slowly.
  • Plan your meals.
  • If you don't plan them and you go out to that favorite fast food place you've been supporting, then you will not lose weight. We are trying to change your habits with Atkins diet guidelines.

  • Do not eat in front of the television.
  • This has a tendency to make you eat more without realizing it. Try eating in front of a mirror.

  • Drink lots of water.
  • Atkins diet basics advise to drink at least eight 230 ml (8 fl oz) glasses of pure (filtered, mineral or spring) water daily. Plus you can drink unlimited amounts of herbal tea, decaffeinated coffee and tea with acceptable sweeteners (without sugar).

    Acceptable sweeteners are up to three packets of sucralose (Splenda) daily. Avoid aspartame (NutraSweet or Hermesetas) whenever possible (they are in diet fizzy drinks, diet jelly).

  • Be careful of ‘hidden’ carbohydrates in sauces or bread products!
  • Exercise every day!
  • It is good for you, and it will help you lose.

  • Use nutritional supplements!
  • Atkins diet free plan in this Website will help you with the best choice.

    Take a good daily multivitamin with minerals (potassium, magnesium, calcium without iron)!

  • Understand completely Atkins diet basics!! Follow them rightly!
  • It takes two to three days for the body to switch to fat burning. Remember – one cheat and you’ll fail.

  • Do not give up!
  • Atkins diet free program is your best choice. Simply trust me.

    The first week in Induction phase is usually challenging. Know that there will be rough spots, especially as your body converts to a new way of eating.

  • Get Support!
  • This could be the most important step of all before Atkins diet starting. Get support from family and friends. Find someone else to do the diet with you, get support for the new steps you are taking. I have a place where you can ask questions in this Website, find help from success stories, and chat with people who have similar goals.

  • Track what you eat.
  • Write down everything you eat each day and evaluate it. The more education you have, the more weight you'll lose. Plus it gives you something to do.

  • Count Carbs!
  • The Atkins low-carbohydrate diet relies on carb counts - knowing how much carbohydrate is in everything you eat. So it’s important to learn about carb counting.

  • Shop on a full stomach.
  • Most people buy more junk food and everything looks so good when you are hungry. If you go grocery shopping, it is extremely important that you eat something before you go.

  • RELAX. Enjoy Your weight loss!
  • Yes, food can create moments of joy.

    If you are obsessed with what you can and cannot eat, worrying, or watching television news conflicts while you eat, your stress levels and digestive tract is affected. It's important to keep your thoughts clear and your body at ease while you eat.

    Enjoy the food you are eating, relax with company of those eating with you, or create a quiet moment alone until you are finished eating. Practice eating consciously, with joy, and with a clear mind and I know your life will change.

    No need to focus on what a bad person you were for eating. No reason to punish yourself for doing something pleasurable. What is needed are more joyful moments! Decide today to create a list and follow through with actions that excite you and bring more joy into your life!

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