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1. The Atkins diet clogs arteries and causes hypertension?

If the Atkins diet is followed correctly it can actually lower blood cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure, according to Robert Atkins.

2. Can I manage my insulin and blood sugar without eating much fat?

No, because when you cut out fat, what is left is protein and carbohydrate, both of which can produce a blood-sugar response. Fat is the only substance that won’t have an impact on your blood sugar. It also provides essential fatty acids you can’t get from protein and carbohydrates. Contrary too much of what you may have heard, fat can be good for you!

3. Will the Atkins carb counter diet increase my cholesterol levels?

The Atkins Nutritional Approach recommends the inclusion of all types of fats balancing food choices so that a healthy ratio of fats is obtained. Healthy protein choices are not only steak (contains 51 percent monounsaturated fat), eggs and bacon but fish, poultry, meats, eggs/egg whites along with dairy products too.

In addition, consumption of olive oil (contains 15 percent saturated fats), nuts, seeds along with other plant-based food choices provide additional healthy fat intake for well-balanced meal selections.

Research demonstrates that if you follow correctly Atkins Nutritional Approach, it provides a balance of all kinds of fats from a variety of sources. So you can lower cardiovascular risk factors and you will have no problem with saturated fat.

4. What can I do if my cholesterol has gone up since I started doing Atkins?

First, the increase might be temporary. When a person loses weight, cholesterol usually rises because the body must break down stored fat for energy. Your total cholesterol should drop within two months.

If total cholesterol level rises up due to the rise in good cholesterol (HDL), then it is a good thing.

If you’ve been following the Atkins Nutritional Approach for some time and your high cholesterol Atkins diet levels have not come down, something else is going on. Try to exercise, it could help. You can try limiting your intake of hard cheese.

Look at your triglycerides. If triglycerides drop is greater than the LDL increase, your lipid profile may, again, be improved overall.

For a detailed discussion of Atkins cholesterol diet levels and cholesterol-lowering nutrients, see Dr. Atkins' Vita-Nutrient Solution book.

Ask Your Question and I will answer it in this Atkins diet and cholesterol page!

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