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Are you on the Atkins diet? Please, review Atkins carb diet low products!

Grocery stores are full of different Atkins products - bars, ready to drink shakes and books, of course. If you have used any of the Atkins diet products please show us your knowledge about them.

Even if you are not using any of the products I invite you to read other people's reviews and maybe you'll want to try an Atkins product and include it in your daily menu.

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Customer Reviews

Atkins Advantage Bars

..They are a good snack choice for me when I'm having a sugar craving.

...I actually like the taste and tecture very much and there's a bonus, they are actually good for you.

....I have been using these bars as meal replacements for years.

Atkins Day Break Bars

..I have recently started Atkins and cannot complain about the taste of this bar.

...Chocolate Hazelnut bars are so delicious they could sell without being designated as a health product. As long as you like hazelnuts and chocolate, these are winners.

Atkins Endulge Bars

..Best tasting low carb snack for people who like snickers candy bars.

...Atkins Endulge "Carmel Nut Chew" bars are the best Low Carb bars out there, and I've been a Low Carber for 10 years!

Atkins Advantage Ready To Drink Shakes

..The Vanilla flavor to me tastes best since I am not a chocolate type of guy.

...Low calories, low carbs, good protein, low fat. I love these drinks - they are perfect for me in the a.m.

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