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About Atkins Diet ( 10 Questions Answered )

1. What is the Atkins carb counter diet?

2. Is it true that the Atkins diet is a low-calorie diet?

3. How does the Atkins Nutritional Approach work?

4. Does the Atkins diet work?

5. Is this High Protein Low Carbohydrate Diet for me?

6. What makes Atkins different from other diet programs?

7. How much weight will I lose?

8. Will I gain the weight back after the Atkins diet?

9. Atkins is a fad diet?

10. Dr. Atkins died of a heart attack?


Atkins Diet Plan ( 7 Questions Answered )

1. How length is each phase of Atkins diet?

2. Why do we need to limit carbohydrates?

3. Can I exercise in Atkins low carb diet plan?

4. Is the Atkins Nutritional Approach effective for weight loss because calories are restricted?

5. Do men have an advantage doing Atkins?

6. Atkins Pre-Maintenance phase - Why my weight varies by a few pound every day?

7. Atkins Pre-Maintenance phase - Is there any other way to determine when to stop increasing my weekly carb intake?


The Atkins Diet ( 8 Questions Answered )

1. Can Atkins carb counter diet be used as a short-term or crash diet?

2. Can I lose weight doing Atkins Nutritional Approach, and then return to my old way of eating?

3. Can I focus solely on losing weight and minimize the maintenance aspects?

4. Can I eat any food so long as I do not exceed 20 grams of carbs a day?

5. Can I use Atkins plan for weight loss, and don’t bother with exercise and supplements if I don’t have any health problems?

6. Can I go back to eating my favorite foods after I lose weight?

7. Can I do Induction during the week and binge on weekends and still lose or maintain weight?

8. Can I do Atkins while following a low-fat regimen?


Atkins Diet Induction Phase ( 6 Questions Answered )

1. What is the Atkins Induction phase?

2. Do I need to start diet with Induction?

3. How long can I stay in the Atkins Induction phase?

4. How can I know that I am in ketosis?

5. What is lipolysis and ketosis?

6. Are lipolysis and the secondary process of ketosis safe?


Atkins Diet Induction Phase ( 7 Questions Answered )

1. Can I just continue to do Induction phase until I lose all my weight?

2. How many calories am I allowed during Atkins diet Induction phase?

3. How do I know when I am in ketosis?

4. Why I can’t get into ketosis? My shade of purple on the LTS is very light.

5. Will Atkins plan cause bad breath?

6. Why the Atkins Nutritional Approach causes constipation? Is it because Atkins plan lacks fibre?

7. Why I feel tired, weak and lacking in energy?


Dr Atkins Low Carb Diet ( 5 Questions Answered )

1. When I am in the Atkins carb counter diet I can’t eat any carbs?

2. I will suffer from lack of energy due to the lack of carbs?

3. What is the net carbs or "Digestible" carbs?

4. What is the Hidden Carbs?

5. What is the difference between a carb counter and a glycemic index?


Health And Well-Being ( 4 Questions Answered )

1. Is the Atkins diet unhealthy?

2. Is the Atkins diet unbalanced?

3. Is the Atkins diet deficient in nutrients?

4. What is the Eco-Atkins diet?


Atkins Diet Food ( 5 Questions Answered )

1. So, I can eat all the bacon and eggs I want?

2. Are all nuts and seeds acceptable Atkins diet food on Ongoing Weight Loss phase?

3. Do I have to buy special Atkins carb diet low foods to be successful on this diet?

4. The Atkins diet is too restrictive?

5. Can I drink alcohol while doing Atkins?


Atkins Diet Food ( 6 Questions Answered )

1. Will I keep off the weight lost on the Atkins diet for the long term?

2. Which are Atkins-acceptable foods?

3. People on Atkins will learn to eat fatty foods like bacon and eggs, so if they stop doing the Atkins program they are worse off than before?

4. Will Atkins plan make me crave sweets?

5. How can I eat fewer calories and be less hungry and less obsessed with food?

6. Atkins Pre-Maintenance phase - Why has my appetite increased, and what can I do to manage it?


Atkins Diet Problems ( 5 Questions Answered )

1. Is the Atkins plan the “most severe” of the low-carbohydrate plans and is most likely to have immediate adverse effects?

2. Is Atkins high-protein diet bad for the kidneys?

3. Will Atkins high-fat diet cause gallbladder disease?

4. Is the weight lost on the Atkins carb counter diet mostly water, not fat?

5. Is the Atkins plan deficient in bone-building calcium and has a negative impact on calcium absorption?


Atkins Diet And Cholesterol ( 4 Questions Answered )

1. The Atkins diet clogs arteries and causes hypertension?

2. Can I manage my insulin and blood sugar without eating much fat?

3. Will the Atkins carb counter diet increase my cholesterol levels?

4. What can I do if my cholesterol has gone up since I started doing Atkins?


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