Atkins Bars

Where To Buy Atkins Bars and Shakes? Which to choose?

I will give you a small insight about all Atkins diet bars and other low carbohydrate products with customer reviews. Let's look at different tastes and types of bars and choose your favorite.

If you already have your favorite Atkins or low carbohydrate bar/shake, please give me your product review about it here.

You can now look at ready for you study of the Atkins diet bars pros and cons. These bars are the lowest or one of the lowest bars you will find in terms of amount of carbohydrates with 2 - 7 g Net Carbs and 120-240 calories per bar.

Atkins Advantage Bars

Regardless of which phase of the Atkins plan you are in, the Atkins Advantage bars are very low in carbohydrates and taste GREAT!

Atkins Advantage bars contain only 2 - 4 g Net Carbs and 160-240 calories per bar, depending upon the bar.

Atkins Advantage Bars

Atkins Day Break Bars

It's healthy, sweet and delicious all in one. Perfect for a quick breakfast.

Atkins Day Break bars contain only 2 - 7 g Net Carbs and 130-180 calories per bar, depending upon the bar.

Atkins Day Break Bars

Atkins Endulge Bars

For your sweet cravings!

Atkins Endulge bars contain only 2 - 3 g Net Carbs and 120-180 calories per bar, depending upon the bar.

Atkins Endulge Bars

Atkins Shakes

Atkins Ready to Drink shakes are optimal mix of protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and only a few net carbs. Atkins shakes has two categories: Advantage Ready To Drink Shakes and Day Break Shakes.

..These are some of the best meal replacement shakes out there.

Atkins Shakes

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