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Healthy lifestyle plus an ideal weight – this is possible with the Atkins diet! Quick and easy!!

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My name is Kristine, and I used to weigh 173.8 lbs. Now I’ve lost 48.4 lbs using this diet, and I know you can do it, too.This Website will show you HOW!

You will:

  • Lose weight without counting calories and increase energy!

  • Improve your overall health!

  • Keep lost pounds off forever and look great!

Atkins plan is a low-carbohydrate weight loss diet created by Robert Atkins. The Atkins low carb diet came to the world with the number one-selling diet and health book in the U.S. „Dr. Atkins' Diet Revolution” in 1972.

The Atkins Nutritional Approach boost your energy levels, lowers insulin and stabilizes blood sugar, slows down the aging process and reduces cravings. You can reach and maintain your optimum body weight, improve heart health and memory function.

How The Atkins Approach Works?

The diet is based on the theory that overweight people eat too many carbohydrates. Carbohydrates causes insulin, leading to increased hunger and obesity.

Our bodies burn both fat and carbohydrates for energy, but carbs are used first. If you drastically limit carbohydrate intake and associate with high protein and fat, the body would burn more fat. So you will naturally lose weight by burning stored body fat and won’t be hungry.

This is the area in which this low carb diet far surpasses most other diet programs.

The no-hunger, luxurious weight loss plan that really works!

Dr Robert C. Atkins

Not sure where to start? No problem...

Induction Menu For One-Week

How the Atkins diet works?

Check your BMI

Atkins Nutritional Approach FAQ

Atkins pros and cons

Induction phase

Atkins basics

Does the Atkins diet work?

Food list for Induction

Fast food list for Atkins

Is the Atkins Diet My Right Choice?

Worried about your health....

You have dieted so many times and in so different ways (low-fat diets, fad diets, calorie count diets..). You work really hard to get the weight off and then end up gaining it all (or even more) back within a few months.

Why do You fail all the time?

It is hunger! The normal consequence of a low fat and low calorie diets. Many people can tolerate hunger for a short time but nobody can deal with it for the rest of their life. The difference in the Atkins diet is that here hunger is not acceptable.

The plan includes foods that have enough fat and protein to prevent hunger from being an issue like it is with other diets but still allows dieters to maintain a healthy weight for the rest of their life.

Main philosophy – CUT carbohydrates. LOAD UP on fats and proteins.

Ok, let's Start!

Stick with Atkins for a better, fitter and healthier life!

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about the diet

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Atkins Diet Plan:


Ongoing Weight Loss


Lifetime Maintenance

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